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drinking vinegars 

shrub cocktail syrups

  • add to sparkling or flat water

  • add to favorite cocktail

  • add to hot teas

  • make salad dressings



Our story began in the beautiful little town of Cody, Wyoming.  With a population of roughly 10,000 residents, Cody's proximity to Yellowstone National Park provides our little town with a unique and varied population during the peak tourist season.  Visitors from all over America and the world can be met at the local farmer's market.

We began making our vinegars and shrubs the summer of 2019 and they were a HUGE hit with visitors and locals alike. 

THE SHRUB SYRUPS are a delicious combination of organic apple cider vinegar, organic monkfruit extract and whenever possible organic fruits, herbs & spices.  When we are able, we use locally sourced organic fruits and herbs.  

THE VINEGARS are also made with the same organic and locally sourced herbs and fruits and organic apple cider vinegar.  The vinegars have no added sugar or sweeteners.  They are infused for a month and then bottled and are DELICIOUS!

We have been so pleased with the response we have gotten from everyone who has tried our products.  We look forward to sharing them with you also!

organic infused vinegars

  • vinaigrettes

  • meat marinades

  • add to drinking water

    • sugar free​

    • infused 30 days

Vegan Bowl
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