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                  What is a Shrub?


     Shrub syrups are typically made out of vinegar, sugar and fruit.  They were made popular in the 1920s and date as far back as the pirates who would add vinegar to their fruit to keep it from spoiling!  We have opted to use Organic Monkfruit Extract as our sweetener.  Monkfruit does not contain glucose or fructose, has zero calories, zero carbs & does not raise the glycemic indes.  Our monkfruit is 100% pure and does not contain erythritol.

     They are delicious added to your favorite cocktail and perfect added to flat or sparkling waters or wine.  I especially enjoy one after dinner to help with digestion and it's so tasty it feels like desert!

     Feel free to add your favorite herb or slice of fruit!  Invite your friends over for a Shrub Party and see what fun combinations they can come up with!

Ways to Use Shrubs

  • add to your jug of water for the day to get the benefits all day long.

  • add to tea or warm water. (water temps over 110 will kill prebiotics in vinegar :)

  • use as a salad dressing or marinade.

  • use as a healthy cocktail or mocktail mixer.

  • use to relieve heartburn.

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